steam hats

Jul 12
“Watch out for black Carla!"
“O.K. I hate that bitch”
“She’s carrying bear spray”

Apr 14

Apostrophe’s cleared out. Left for dead like those swami hopefulls. 

Wouldn’t it be great if i would just say it.

Pizza yarns coming from the geezer by the payphone. “I remember when pizza’s were square, ya sliced ‘em in nines”

Trolling women for fringe cut from jean shorts, walking AROUND with dull scissors.

Key to the afterlife…

Find portals.

Head and shoulders.

Drainage mortals.

Apr 1

"You left the window open! My papier mache got soggy and spoiled."

"So what… i needed some fresh air. Patches doesn’t need another cute toy. He thrashes your paper toys in a couple hours. Grow up!"

"Oh what! Grow up ! ?  Where are you going ! ?   Off to buy another stupid plant from Home Depot? Hey don’t forget to stuff your face at Harvey’s! "

"Don’t you dare touch my paper shredder while I’m gone! Don’t you dare you shit!"

(The door slams)

Mar 25

there is an upside down cross

round the neck of tony danza who’s the boss

Aug 8

The one in the maroon jean jacket carried a large bag of confetti over to the atm machine.

“Who is brave enough to withdraw…?”  he asked anyone brandishing bank cards and just as the money came out of the machine  he launched handfuls of confetti. It floated high then settled on parking metres, it settled on paper bank slips on the ground, the confetti settled on the watch repairman fast asleep in his sidewalk kiosk.

The harbour ferry bells have sounded and per usual one begins to notice coats billowing down the street. The hotel cook is on his lunch break, no one would praise his hollandaise…   he has shared a cigarette with the new Japanese prep guy ‘Dochia’  and he and his coat are billowing right down to the harbour. He acts quite panicked when he hits a big cloud of confetti, he is shrouded in paper bits and to hide his uncertainty he succumbs to a quick $40 withdrawl  and scoots off to the library to pay some fines.

Jul 10

Ballooning behind the train a bag of cans.

I left him a bag of cherries he fell asleep.

Sneaker odour in the elevator uncalled for.

Lottery tickets piled on a headstone.

Watch repairman asleep in his kiosk he’s ticking away nicely there.

The one beside her mimicks fellatio on a laser pointer.

Floodlights in the mud.

Ultrasound printouts he dumpster dived from the bin behind the hospital.

Scorched linoleum.

Jul 4

Nunu bellowed his final rap of the night and sat on the stage and dangled his legs. Steam was hissing from his boxers and filling the dim club.
The 2 doormen at the other end of the club looked at one another the way that only bouncers can look at one another. Before long steam had enveloped the two burly men and their security wands eased out of their holsters and started to drift towards the stage on small steam clouds.The wands moved easily around hip hop toddlers
in  ’Tapout’ t shirts and eventually made it to the front of the stage and to the source of the hot hot steam. Nunu  looked up from his phone. Nunu  said aloud and to no one in
particular  ’there is too much steam entering my phone and 2  security wands have shown up on steam clouds, borne by steam clouds out of the hands of doormen and when does my methadone arrive?’  After a few minutes of silence he asked the hovering wands politely if he had missed the last bus of the night. Through the now thick steam you could just make out the bouncers exchanging looks again. The wands were more than content to float near the stage and wait for the club to empty.